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Copyright Statement

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All the information contained in this Website, including but not limited to words, software, pictures, photos, page design, layout, video or audio materials, music, sound, or cultural products in any other form, is protected by the copyright laws of P.R.China and international intellectual property protocols. You are required to honor the intellectual property rights and any violation will be subject to legal prosecution. Other outstanding matters herein are subject to laws and Internet regulations of P.R.China. Any cultural product provided in any discussion area of this Website represents the view of its author only, and has no relevance to the position of this Website. The author shall bear full responsibility. 


This Website has the right to put any cultural product in any discussion area of this Website to its own use, or to grant a royalty-free license to another or cooperate with another to use for other purposes, including but not limited to new and/or traditional media such as websites (including associated websites) and the value-added derivative products, wired/wireless network and relevant applications. In any of the circumstances aforementioned, we will attribute authorship (subject to the authorship of the cultural work upon publication) and are under no obligation to disburse any amount of fee therefore. We are under no obligation to keep confidential any cultural product as mentioned. Please refer to Privacy Policy with respect to the relevant rules concerning the various means by which you provide information to us. 


The copyright of any cultural product (including re-printed articles and pictures, etc.) in any discussion area of this Website is owned by its original author or creator. In case that there is a copyright statement by the author, or the author has a copyright statement or the original work being reprinted has the original copyright statement enclosed therein, the copyright ownership shall be subject to such statement. 


Any user, when using any cultural product with intellectual property on any page of this Website, shall comply with the following:

(1)  Any reasonable usage in compliance with the law shall indicate, in addition to the original copyright statement, for whatever purpose, the source of such cultural product, e.g. from condenastcenter.com.cn, as per the actual source of such cultural product.

(2)  Any usage of the cultural product out of the reasonable realm (including but not limited to revision, deletion, transmission, translation, compilation, deduction, etc.) shall be subject to prior permission from the author or other relevant right holders. 


In case of any infringement claim arising from any content published by You on this Website, this Website shall have the right to take measures such as delete any and all or part of such content published by You, or to remove the links thereto. Such deleted content may be restored on this Website after the claim between You and the claimant has been settled and upon your application and presentation of evidence to us of the settlement of such claim. 


These terms of service are based on the Website Terms of Use and Copyright Statement of this Website. Please refer to Website Terms of Use and Copyright Statement if there is any matter left outstanding herein. In the case of a conflict between the two, these terms of service shall prevail. These terms of service and Website Terms of Use and Copyright Statement shall constitute a complete agreement between You and this Website and shall apply to your use of our services, and shall replace all previous agreements between You and this Website.   


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