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Privacy Policy

1. This Website provides users ("You") with many types of services and the opportunities to participate in contests, surveys, the obtaining of special products/services and other activities. When choosing to use certain services provided, or participate in certain activities run, by this Website, You may be required to provide relevant personal information and data which will be stored in the user database of this Website. This Website will use the data provided by You to offer further services to You and improve user experience. If You fail to provide such information, this may result in Your being unable to use certain services, participate in certain activities or access certain areas of this Website. This Website’s use of your personal information shall be:

(1) in compliance with laws and regulations;

(2) according to your authorization; and,

(3) comply with the terms of agreements of relevant activities or services.


2. This Website shall protect the personal information and data provided by You to this Website, and will not disclose, sell, lease or transfer your personal data to any third party without your consent and at will, unless under any of the following circumstances:

(1) as prescribed by applicable laws and regulations, or required by any competent court, arbitration commission or other government departments, or required under legal procedures; or,

(2) according to the terms of agreements of relevant activities or services agreed to or accepted by You. Please note that websites affiliated to this Website, the actual operators of this Website and the affiliated enterprises and partners thereof, as well as Condé Nast shall not be deemed as third parties. Nevertheless, since this Website needs to share your personal data with, or transmit your personal data to, other persons or companies so as to provide You with the products or services requested by You when jointly organizing activities with other third parties, You are advised to exercise caution in selecting the activities that You agree to participate in.    


3. The Privacy Policy of this Website shall be revised at any time depending on actual circumstances. Any updates thereof shall be duly announced.   


4. This Website makes use of appropriate security measures to protect the personal information provided by You to this Website, including, among others, the formulation of an accountability mechanism, the establishment of work processes and security management systems, and the adoption of anti-leakage measures and secure storage measures, so as to prevent unauthorized access to or use of, or the leakage of, your personal information.   


5. This Website protects the personal information of minors pursuant to the law. If You areless than eighteen (18) years of age, please obtain the written consent of your parent or legal guardian before entering your personal information.   


Use of Cookies

1. This Website will set and get cookies on your computers so as to enable this Website to identify You as a returning visitor, and track and lock-in your preferred data.   


2. Certain businesses that publish advertisements on the web pages of this Website, or our business partners and service providers may also set and get cookies on your computers, in which case the privacy policies formulated by such businesses, partners or providers shall apply. We are not entitled to access, and have no control of, such cookies, and shall not be held liable whatsoever for the use of such cookies. 


3. The use of Cookies are to track your activities on this Website, so as to facilitate our website management and the collection, statistics compilation and analysis of data, thus providing You with better services.  


4. If You do not wish to accept cookies from this Website, You may reject the cookies by using relevant settings provided by your Internet browser, but bear in mind that this may hinder your use of certain services provided by this Website.  


Should you have any question, suggestion or concern with regard to the foregoing privacy policy, please feel free to inform us by email (webmaster@condenastcenter.com.cn).  We greatly appreciate your interest in this Website.  



If You are unable to accept our latest privacy policy, please refrain from applying for and using the services provided by this Website. Thank you for your cooperation!