Fashion Marketing & Branding

Fashion Marketing & Branding

The Fashion Marketing & Branding Program is a three-month immersion in this essential aspect of the fashion and luxury industry, which is the link between creative design and the consumer. The aim of the program is to give you the essential skills to use the different tools in the marketing mix that allow a fashion or luxury brand to engage and build a relationship with its consumer.


Fashion and luxury companies have the specificity of selling desire and emotions as much as products, in which the aspect of creative design and the emotional resonance of the brand are part of the value being proposed to the client. As a result, the marketing of these brands must also be specific, in comparison to the marketing of fast-moving consumer goods. This program will help you to explore and understand this specificity and to contribute to creative brand marketing.
You will begin by establishing a contextual view of how the fashion industry works, and of the landscape both of brands and of fashion media. This will allow you to position a specific brand within this competitive landscape, to define its personality and to create or update the story that it is telling to current and prospective clients. You will learn to identify and understand these clients, using data analysis, CRM tools and research into consumer behavior and emotions. 
You will explore the marketing mix, as applied to the fashion and luxury industry, particularly the different means of communication at a brand’s disposal, including print and digital advertising, public relations and events. In order to help you appropriate these means, you will be coached in creative concept generation. You will also look at the different major product categories and at the different strategies for distribution that are practiced in the sector. This framework will allow you to develop an integrated vision of the strategic marketing plan and its operational implementation.
You will analyze the digital tools that are available to communicate seamlessly but differently with consumers – across websites, mobile technology and social media – as well as the techniques and strategies for generating and tracking online engagement. 
You will be assessed regularly on individual and group projects, participation, and against the learning targets of each of the major assignments. By the end of the program, you will have acquired a holistic understanding of the role of marketing and branding in the fashion and luxury business, and of the different tools in the marketing mix that a brand can activate in order to reinforce its identity and increase its sales.

your profile

Recent graduate

You are interested in the fashion and luxury industry, with the ambition to start a marketing career in this dynamic and creative sector.

Young professional

You are a young professional with between one and three years of working experience in any role within the fashion and luxury industry, or in a marketing-related role in another sector.
In all cases, you are an ambitious, hardworking, motivated and open-minded individual. You are seeking an innovative and interactive learning experience that combines traditional classes, workshops and group projects, and visits and meetings with professionals in the sector.


you will learn

- To understand the difference between a retailer and a brand
- To position a fashion/luxury brand within the creative and economic landscape
- To develop a marketing plan that draws upon all the tools of the marketing mix
- To create marketing communications content that speaks in a consistent voice across multiple platforms, both offline and online
- To engage digital tools that enhance an integrated marketing plan
- To stage events that showcase a brand and/or a specific product launch
- To produce different profiles of current or potential customers using market research and data analysis
- To generate creative concepts in group and individual brainstorming sessions 
- To identify specific roles within marketing management that match your skills and interests


career possibilities

  • Advertising Media Planning Public Relations Events Digital Communication
  • Marketing Integrated Marketing Digital marketing Brand Management Business development Communications Events and PR Online Marketing
  • Graphics and Content Digital Communications New Media Innovation Online Marketing Social Media

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