Fashion Buying

Fashion Buying

This course offers an overview of fashion buying as a profession and an examination of fashion industry backgrounds. This course will prepare you to be operationally effective as a buyer in the fashion industry.


This accelerated learning experience will introduce the characteristics of the retail industry from the perspective of fashion buyers, as well as how fashion buyers are engaged. The course will also investigate a variety of different retail models and the corresponding mode of buying that suits each model. By the end of this course, you will have a richer understanding of the industry and the varying aspects of fashion buying. You will explore fashion buying from its market positioning, the way this activity fits into the big picture of the fashion industry, and the daily work routine of a buyer. The totality of these learned skill-sets will prepare students to be operationally effective as a buyer in the fashion industry. Towards the end of the course, you will do a practice interview for the position of a fashion buyer, which will prepare you for future interviews and work situations.

your profile


You are interested in orienting your career towards fashion buying. You are a professional with one or two years of working experience in a wide range of fields, including retail, fashion business, IT, finance, or engineering.


Recent graduate:

You are a recent university graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in any subject, and you are interested in starting your career in fashion buying. Across the board, you are an ambitious, hardworking, motivated and open-minded individual. You seek an innovative and interactive learning experience that combines traditional classes, workshops, and group projects that emphasize hands-on learning. 

you will learn


- How to think and deal with the fashion retail business as a buyer

- How to buy for different product categories



- Real experience of a buyer’s daily work

- The ability to be a qualified buyer, and the steps required to master a buyer’s accumulated skill-sets



- Introduction to fashion buying, and its role in a fashion company

- Different retail models of fashion companies with different buying methods

- Key skills to be a qualified buyer

- Career development of buyers, and this role in different functions and areas of the industry