Starting from basic theories and practices of fashion design, this course will guide students through the whole design process, from innovation, development, production to portfolio creation. For those interested in fashion, the design industry, or preparing a portfolio for fashion design schools, this course will help you get started. 



During the three months’ course, students will comprehensively learn the structures of human body, fashion drawing, fundamental design theories, trends and applications, as well as the whole process of creative design, fabrics, development, and presentation of women's collections. Meanwhile, they will also learn pattern making, draping, and the fundamentals of sewing. Starting from the basics, the course will help students gradually grasp the full range of the design process, development, and production. Through production workshops and portfolios, the course will also enable students to realize their designs from innovation to three-dimensional works.

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This is a practical course where language, age (you should be 18 or older) and educational level is not important.

you will learn

·      Understanding the structure of human body and fashion drawing techniques

·      Investigating and analyzing womenswear industry dynamics

·      Finding suitable creative positioning

·      Mastering creative thinking skills

·      Studying fabric, color, shape, craft and clothing structure

·      Understanding principles of pattern cutting and draping

·      Understanding how to create a womenswear collection

·      Understanding basic sewing techniques, and how to make garments

·      Creating a sketch book and portfolio to present works