• Event Recap: Scholarship Assessment Day

Event Recap: Scholarship Assessment Day


On August 9th, 2015 the Condé Nast Center of Fashion & Design hosted a scholarship event at Element Plus Shanghai Exhibition Center. In order to identify and support the fashion industry’s best and brightest emerging talent, the Condé Nast Center of Fashion & Design will be offering scholarships for the fall 2015 inaugural semester.   


Since the announcement of the scholarship program, the Center has received applications from all over the world including, the United States, Europe, East Asia, and China. After screening all of the applications, 30 of the best and brightest applicants were given the chance to attend our scholarship event. With many of the students having either previously attended top international fashion schools, worked at leading fashion brands, or launched their own brands, the selection process for the event was very competitive.


To create an interactive and diverse learning experience for all of the students who attended the event, the Center invited a number of teachers and industry professionals to speak with the students and participate in some of the many activities prepared by our staff.


After a full day of intensive testing and interviews with Condé Nast recruitment staff, scholarship winners were chosen for the following 5 courses. The successful applicants will be joining our fall 2015 intakes at the Condé Nast Center of Fashion & Design and begin their journey to become a leading figure in the fashion and luxury industry. 






Condé Nast Center of Fashion & Design’s Academic Director of Business & Communication Philip Cacouris and Senior Academic Director of Design Susan Jenkyn Jones, introduce the scholarship tasks to all of the students in attendance. 






Fashion Marketing & Branding:

•    Plan a business proposal for a top luxury brand.


Fashion Media & Digital Communication:

•    Develop a unique promotional WeChat campaign for Condé Nast’s flagship brands: Vogue and GQ.




Protégé Program: Advanced Fashion Design:

•    Live illustration to test applicants’ sketching techniques, with the models changing positions every 10 minutes, which allowed the applicants to capture a variety of different body stances and proportions. Applicants also need to develop their own style and character. 

•    Using various objects as inspiration, applicants were given 4 hours to design and create their own unique dress. After completing their designs, applicants sat with Condé Nast Senior Academic Director Susan Jenkyn Jones for a face-to-face interview. 






Fashion Photography:

Fashion Styling:

      •    The fashion photography and fashion styling applicants need to partner together to create a set for a photo-shoot, using the indoor showroom space, photography studio, and outdoor environment. These three different scenes allowed the students to express their creativity and teamwork skills. 





After the shoot, fashion styling applicants need to use magazine clippings of their choice to create a mood board, while fashion photography applicants had one hour to retouch their photographs. 




Following the event, Condé Nast Center of Fashion and Design staff joined the applicants for a networking session at the Indigo Hotel, which overlooks the stunning Bund landscape. Dominique Simard, the Center’s Executive Director, also dropped by the hotel to interact with the students.